123greetings Studio Digitalpicasso Design Contest

Studio.123greetings.com launches an e-greeting card design contest for graphic designers, animators, illustrators, sketch artists and design enthusiasts. cash prize - us$250 for each category. categories & deadlines - st. patrick's day (ma Organized by 123greetings.com, inc.123greetings studio digital picasso design contest overview 123greetings.com is launching a design contest to search for greeting card designs that help humans express themselves in the best manner possible. why should you participate? 1. us $ 250 cash reward to the winner of each category

123greetings Studio Digitalpicasso Design Contest
Category : Movie and Animation Design
Starts : Feb. 18, 2013 Deadline : Mar. 15, 2013
Cost : Free Awards : € 374.00


The main category for 123greetings Studio Digitalpicasso Design Contest is "Movie and Animation Design" and sub categories are: "St. Patrick's Day, Easter" . The focus of 123greetings Studio Digitalpicasso Design Contest is "E-greeting Card" and some keywords are: " art, design, ecard, 123greetings, 123greetings.com, competition, contest, design contest, greeting card design, ecard design, illustration, animation, graphic design, sketch, postcard ". 123greetings Studio Digitalpicasso Design Contest is a Generic Design Competition (Idea and/or Concept and/or Product etc) competition. Design Oriented . 123greetings Studio Digitalpicasso Design Contest targets Creatives, Designers, Illustrators, Sketch artists, Animators, Graphic Designers. While designing, Designs must utilize an existing product-platform.

Also see 123greetings Studio Digitalpicasso Design Contest at DesignCompetition.com with more details and info.



The postal address to send physical entries to the competition or contact for regular mail is: No physical entry required/ allowed. Contry: Afghanistan. Phone number of the competition is not given.


Contacts for 123greetings Studio Digitalpicasso Design Contest
Website : http://studio.123greetings.com/wiki/index.php/Contest
Contact-Us Page : http://studio.123greetings.com/wiki/index.php/Cont
Contact Email : ashton.martin@123greetings-inc.com



The native language of this competition is unknown or unstated. The competition has an English website. This competition orginates from United States of America. The competition was first organized in 2013. This competition was organized 1 times. This competition is annual, it repeats every year. ( Repeats Every Month ).



123greetings Studio Digitalpicasso Design Contest is organized by 123greetings.com, Inc. ( E-Businesses ). There are 1 sponsors total. Sponsor #1: 123Greetings.com, Inc..



Minimum age required to join is 18 , and The maximum number of submissions allowed per each participation is not given. It is possible that there are no limits in number of entriesThere are not any restrictions for the number of submissions allowed per each participatnt; you can submit as many designs (infinite / unlimited) as you wish (Multiple submissions can be made with a single registration). Both individual and team submissions are allowed. The maximum team size is not clearly stated, the best-practice is 5 (five) people, but you should re-confirm it. This is an international competition, participants from all over the world can join. There are not any exlusive regional or territorial areas for this competition or this information is not stated. This competition is open to All. This competition is Open To All.


Eligibility Conditions
URL : http://studio.123greetings.com/wiki/index.php/Contest



The competition results are not published as a book. Competition results will be published online, but only the selected submissions and winners will be published online. There will not be a Gala Night or Award Ceremony for this competition. We do not know clearly where will the ceremonies take place or where is the location of the gala-night. There will not be a physical exhibition for winners of this competition. ( We are unclear about where will the exhibition take place or what is the location of the exhibition. ). We are not sure if the personal photo shots of designers get published in the results book. Private information of participants are not published. We do not believe that the competition results books are distributed free to all, this information is not given. Yes, there is a paid pr-campaign possibility for winners.



There are 2 types of awards in this competition. There is a fixed number of awards, number of participants do not change the number of awards. The total award prizes sum to: 374 Euros (€). It is not clearly stated if the participating designs would be realized or not. Prizes/Money given only to awarded designs. Award details are as follows: 123Greetings Studio DigitalPicasso - St. Patrick's Day, 123Greetings Studio DigitalPicasso - Easter, N/A, N/A, N/A, N/A, N/A. The webpage address link (URL) of the complete list of remaining awards is not given.



Page and file limits for this design competition is not clearly stated. Exact maximum file size permitted to be submitted is 0 KB. Technical Drawings or Source Files do not need to be submitted. Physical entries are not required to be submitted. There is no clear information on the accepted formats for this design competition. Only digital submission using online form. There is no need to submit how-to-produce / realization information for the project. The competition call does not state that you need to submit a description of your concept, however it is best practice to submit if it is otherwise stated. Pixel sizes are not clearly stated. Resolution requirements for the digital images are not clearly stated. Paper sizes are not clearly stated. Resolution requirements for the printed images are not clearly stated.


Submission Requirements
URL : http://studio.123greetings.com/wiki/index.php/Contest



It is not clearly stated if the jury will meet physically to perform judging or if it is an online judging process. The selection of winners is made by majority voting. Voting will be hybrid, the jury and public will decide the winners but public voting is only possible after submissions end. Detailed competition scores are available online only to the participants. The participants will not recieve printed jury notes or see them online. Each submission will recieve a numeric score. Detailed competition statistics are available online only to the participants. Judging criteria are as follows: Eligible ecards sent most number of times globally for the particular category within a defined time frame..


Evaluation Methodology
URL : http://studio.123greetings.com/wiki/index.php/Contest



The size of the jury is indicated as zero. Jury details are not given, it is possible that there is no jury and the judging is based on public voting. Detailed list of jury members are not indicated for this competition.


Jury Members
URL : The webpage address link (URL) of the page that lists other jury members is not given.



Designer keeps all the rights to the designs. Participants have to participate in all Publishings and Media Campaigns. No information is available for the return of physical submissions.



Total due fees and other required payments for this competition is 0 Euros (€). Ensure they adhere to all Studio terms and conditions. Provide Studio with bank a/c and identification details for award dispatch. Agree to be part of contest PR/ Social media efforts. Designers are not required to participate in any events. The participants are not required to make advertisements for the competition. Winner designers are given a chance to work for the organizer or sponsors. Winners are not obliged to sell their designs to the organizer.


Winners' Obligations
URL : http://studio.123greetings.com/wiki/index.php/Contest



The competition does not send a hardcopy participation certificates for joining. The competition sends a hardcopy (printed) certificate to winners. The competition will send a physical trophy or an award winners. The winners of the competition can use a winners-logo or badge to promote thier winning products and designs.



A press-release to distribute to press members, bloggers, magazine editors etc was unfortunetely not provided.



Which message to carry: Nothing specific. It should be an expression that people would want to send to friends and family on the occasions of St. Patrick's Day and Easter..The design brief is as follows: Which institution wants us to design: 123Greetings.com, Inc.. What kind of institution wants us to design: We believe strongly in the importance of human values and emotions. SHINE guides all our actions and interactions - Simplicity; Honor & Respect; Integrity; Nothing is impossible; Enlightenment. The ultimate aim of the competition: We invite designers to help humans all over the world express themselves in the best manner possible via an e-greeting card on the important occasions of St. Patrick's Day and Easter.. Who to design for: Universal audience.. Regarding what to design: Card sendability.. Technical restrains and methodologies to follow: Links for requirements/ specifications/ limitations are listed on contest website.. Where to look for inspiration: http://www.123greetings.com/events/saint_patricks_day/ http://www.123greetings.com/events/saint_patricks_day_parade_new_york/ http://www.123greetings.com/events/easter/. Things to be avoided while designing / what not to do: Do's & Don'ts - http://studio.123greetings.com/wiki/index.php/Do%27s_and_Don%27ts.A last advice from the organizer: 2013..


Brief Text
URL : http://studio.123greetings.com/wiki/index.php/Contest



Expect this section to be filled only after the competition is finalized and results anounced to the public. Results have either not been announced yet or not available in this page. Please check the competition website in case they might have already been posted there.


Results & Pages
Winners :
PR Results :



123greetings studio digital picasso design contest overview 123greetings.com is launching a design contest to search for greeting card designs that help humans express themselves in the best manner possible. why should you participate? 1. us $ 250 cash reward to the winner of each category 2. exposure to 123greetings.com’s 95 million annual user base 3. eligible to be part of any future plans, as announced by 123greetings studio what is required 1. a greeting card design in the following categories that people would love to send the world over – • st. patrick’s day • easter 2. all designs need to be uploaded at http://studio.123greetings.com and approved to be eligible. 3. all file names need to be in the following format to be eligible: digitalpicasso_<studio username>_<categoryname>_<design #> 4. you can submit multiple entries for each category 5. specifications available here - http://studio.123greetings.com/wiki/index.php/main_page#card_elements 6. limitations available here - http://studio.123greetings.com/wiki/index.php/etiquette_guidelines 7. other details available here - http://studio.123greetings.com/wiki/index.php/main_page who can participate? all designers, including existing studio artists who have not yet won a reward. all designs part of this contest will not be eligible for studio reward plan. reward plan - http://studio.123greetings.com/wiki/index.php/eligibility_criteria_for_participation the designs might be eligible for any other future plan, which would be communicated by 123greetings studio. how will the contest be judged? we believe in letting the people decide. all competing designs would be made live on http://www.123greetings.com. designs with the most number of unique card sends globally would be the winner. you can track your progress on a real time basis via your profile at http://studio.123greetings.com. all sends up to the contest deadline would be eligible. decision by 123greetings would be final and binding on all designers. in case you would like to bring anything to our attention, please email us at ashton.martin@123greetings-inc.com. designers not winning the contest need not get disappointed – their future designs stand a chance to win our monthly rewards at studio, amongst other goodies. timelines activity timeline contest opens february 18th 2013 designs uploaded & approved for st. patrick’s day march 1st 2013 23:59hrs pst all approved designs published together for st. patrick’s day march 2nd 2013 0100hrs pst designs uploaded & approved for easter march 15th 2013 23:59hrs pst all approved designs published together for easter march 16th 2013 0100hrs pst unique sends for st. patrick’s day considered up to march 18th 2013 23:59hrs pst results declared for st. patrick’s day on competition website march 19th 06:00hrs pst unique sends for easter considered up to april 1st 2013 23:59hrs pst results declared for easter on competition website april 2nd 2013 06:00hrs pst we will try our best to get all designs approved or sent with feedback within 24hours. please plan your workflow accordingly. in case of any delays/ issues please email ashton.martin@123greetings-inc.com for urgent attention. some thoughts to help you before you get started: http://studio.123greetings.com/wiki/index.php/before_you_get_started examples: http://www.123greetings.com/events/saint_patricks_day/ http://www.123greetings.com/events/saint_patricks_day_parade_new_york/ http://www.123greetings.com/events/easter/ to help you stay in touch with what’s going on: like and follow us on studio facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/123greetingsstudio contest contacts: ashton martin 123greetings studio artist community manager ashton.martin@123greetings-inc.com http://studio.123greetings.com faq: 1. can i promote my own cards? yes, absolutely! you’re encouraged to promote your own creations amongst your networks. we have systems in place to detect spiders/ bots or other unscrupulous activities, which are not allowed, however. 2. do i own the copyrights to my work? absolutely, you own all rights to your work. you can remove your cards from the system anytime you want, should you so wish. 3. is the cash award transferable? unfortunately, no. the awards are not transferable and would be issued on your name. 4. how will i receive my award? we will contact the winners to gather their identification and bank account details, and will dispatch a check with the award amount to you.



We do not have an editorial review of this design competition.



We do not have a website excerpt for this competition.



Logo of the competition is uploaded, see below. Competition trophy is not updloaded. Competition poster is uploaded, see below. Website screenshot is not updloaded. Competition banner is uploaded, see below. Competition big banner is uploaded, see below.


Join this competition now by visiting the competition website.





123greetings Studio Digitalpicasso Design Contest, focuses on Movie and Animation Design, and St. Patrick's Day, Easter last date of submissions is: 15 / 03 / 2013. Click on a scoring criteria to learn more.



· FEES & COSTS 93.75
· RESULTS 0.00

Learn more about scoring.




This is a Straight, Single Step competition, , further timeline details for 123greetings Studio Digitalpicasso Design Contest is given below. For a detailed time line check: here.


Detailed Timeline
Registrations Start : Monday 18th of February 2013
Registrations End : Friday 15th of March 2013
Submissions Start : Monday 18th of February 2013
Submissions End : Friday 15th of March 2013
Jury Meeting : N/A
Results Announced : N/A
Results Publicized : Tuesday 2nd of April 2013
Early-Bird Entry* : N/A
Standard Entry* : N/A
Late Entry* : N/A

* End-of-period dates for paid competitions only.



This competition is free to join for all. Webpage address link (URL) of the complete list of any other fees or payments is not given.


Fees and Costs
Gala Night Fee : N / A
Exhibition Fee : N / A
PR Campaign Fee : N / A
Transportation Fee : N / A
Publishing Fee : N / A
Yearbook Fee : N / A

*All the fees given in this section are normally in EUROs, if you would like to convert the fees to any other currency such as USD etc, click here.













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